We were suppose to get a direct flight to Tagilaran since there's no Promo we decided to get the flight via Cebu. I looked for different  ferry lines and since the only one that has a ticketing office here in Manila and offers the cheapest fare was ocean jet we decided to try it we reserved and paid it thru bank transfer. You can buy a ticket in a travel agency located in Bonondo Manila but for your convenience you can just call them at (02)309-2800 and reserve a ticket, you can just pay them via Bdo bank payment. They will just email your ticket..

Cebu to Tagbilaran

Our estimated departure from Cebu to Tagbilaran was 1:50pm. Since our flight was delayed and Port1 is 45 minutes away from Mactan Airport  we got to the pier1 at around 2:25pm so we immediately talked to the ticketing officer but she informed us that since the ferry departed already we have to buy new tickets. We paid php350 per head, which is quite frustrating but understandable because we were really late ( which made me hate airphilippines again). The port fee is php10 per head but it is already included in our ticket. After buying the ticket you will go inside to check in your baggage you have to pay php50 for 20 kilo baggage. There's a small canteen inside that sells biscuits, siopao and siomai. The waiting area is big enough for all the passengers. If your a smoker there's a designated smoking area too. We boarded ocean jet 5 and we seated at the back seat number 31H and 31I. The sun was on our side plus the air conditioning system wasn't that cold  which made us really frustrated and  irritated the whole trip. There's a smoking area and rest room at the back of the ferry but I wasn't able to see it. You can buy water, chips and soup in their store its a little expensive though. We reached our destination after 2 excruciating hours. You have to wait right beside the exit area of the ferry to get your baggage, you can get your baggage in 5 minutes time.

Tagbilaran to Cebu

Our car service that will drive us to the port was delayed. We reached the port at exactly 11Am since our departure time is at 11:35 we have to hurry in checking in because as specified on our ticket we have to check in 30 minutes before departure or our ticket will be offered to others. Thankfully we got there on time and this time we requested our seat to be in A and B, our seat number are A24 and B24. After few minutes we boarded the ferry this time we used Ocean Jet 3. The Air Condition is working properly and there's sun visor so were really thankful. Though the sun was still on our side, we miscalculated the time and sunrise direction lol. Though it was not as hot like in Ocean jet 5. There's a flat screen TV in front but the speaker was busted so you won't hear any audio from the movie. All we can do the whole trip was to sleep. After 2 hours we reached our destination, again you have to wait outside the ferry for your baggage. 

If you're trip is in morning request for seat  number from A to E if you're coming from Cebu going to Tagbilaran. Seat E to I if from Tagbilaran.
If its Afternoon get the seats From A to E if from Cebu and E to I if from Tagbilaran.
Always request the seats in front of the ferry because the Air conditioning system is colder on that side and the motor is located at the back which makes the floor a little hot.
Ocean Jet 3 is better that Ocean Jet 5 because it has sun visor and it is colder.

11/11/2014 08:47:30 pm

Its my first time to travel with bolshet OCEAN JET FERRY

Last friday November 7,2014 Dumaguete City to Cebu City ( via Tagbilaran? you know what happen?

Im with American guy and he have a operation in his LEG, when i request the seat number for me and for american guy beside of the door and no chair in front of me and the american guy because he need to straight his leg and the lady who gives the seat number SHE IS AN IDIOT LADY 3 times i ask her if this seat number she to me and for american guy is in front of the door and no chair in front and she said yes sir, so im comfortable because i feel no problem BUT when i and the american guy is inside of the ferry already the seat number is not the chair what i want for me and for the american guy, the chair beside of the window and theres a chairs in front me and also, then the ferry crew said that we occupied the chairs in front of the door but there's a passengers request also on that chairs but they don't have any reason why they need to occupied the all 5 chairs, they are look professional but there attitude like a garbage, they don't care about the situation of the american guy. the american guy have operation in his leg and he is 68 year old.

When the ocean ferry arrive at the sea port of Tagbilaran they don't announce that all passengers going to Cebu City need to transfer to the other ferry because the engine of the ferry is not okay to travel to Cebu City, NO ADVICE TO THE PASSENGER.

When we come back to Dumaguete City from Cebu City November 11,2014 same what happen last November 7,2014

OCEAN JET HAVE IDIOT, LIAR EMPLOYEE'S specially there in Dumaguete City sea port and in sea port 1 in Cebu City who give the seat number.


3/1/2016 02:28:47 pm

If you can, avoid Ocean Jet.they lost my luggage and gave it back only the day after refusing any compensation on the ground that the company is not responsible for mistakes committed by its employees.

12/31/2016 11:33:52 am

Grabe hiningi samen kada maleta n maliit P500 pesos. Dios ko po prang pamasahe n sa isang Tao 😤😤😤😤

3/21/2017 11:07:30 pm

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5/15/2017 11:41:12 am

This is an amazing ferry Cebu To Bohol Via Ocean Jet.That`s pretty awesome I enjoyed it a lot your tips and guidance are informative for me I am glad to be apart of it.Thanks dude for sharing keep up posting more.


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